Authorship of the images and intellectual property rights

The participant must submit an original work and guarantee the CCCB that s/he is the sole owner of the copyright of the photograph and therefore has the right to use and transfer it to third parties. In particular, participants in the competition exempt the CCCB from any claims with regard to copyright or other exclusive rights of third parties that may be violated by the submission of this photograph for competition, and accept responsibility for any complaints involving sanctions, fines or damages.

The photographs must be original and exclusive to the person who submits them. This means that each participant must be the author and owner of the rights to use each photograph s/he submits.

The content of the photographs must not contain obscene or defamatory material.

All rights referring to each image and its content (people, places, situations, products, brands, objects, etc.) and the copyrights represented in the photographs submitted to the competition are the sole responsibility of the person who uploads the content to the server.

The participants must respond to claims of authorship that may be made by third parties with regard to work submitted by the former.

All the information, data, text, photographs and labels or other materials uploaded publically or transmitted privately are the sole responsibility of the participant.

The act of submitting photographs for publication implies the user’s acceptance of and consent to the following points:

  • The CCCB receives a non-exclusive transfer of the right of reproduction, distribution and public communication of the photograph, all over the world and for the maximum period allowed by Legislative Decree 1/1996, of 12 April, which approves the Revised Text of the Act on Intellectual Property.
  • The participant, by accepting the publication of her/his photographs, authorizes the CCCB to include their content on the website http://www.brangulivaseraqui.com.
  • In no event will the CCCB use the photographs received to promote products and/or brands other than the organization.
  • The CCCB may modify those files that are received and accepted during the period of the competition (8 June 2011 to 20 September 2011).
  • The CCCB will not sell the photographs.
  • The CCCB and Barcelona Photobloggers may send participants updates by electronic means to inform them about the stages of the competition.

Any conflicts between the users of http://www.brangulivaseraqui.com, the authors and owners of copyrights of the works will be decided by the Courts of Barcelona (Spain) and http://www.brangulivaseraqui.com is subject to Spanish law.