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Flomax, Alna, Josir, Pradif, Secotex, Urolosin, Mecir (tamsulosin). Indicated for the treatment of Lower urinary tract Symptoms (LUTS) associated with benign prostate hyperplasia and available since 1996 as capsule controlled release formulation in the main world markets. Starting in 2005, a new tablet formulation based on the OCAS (Oral Controlled Absorption System) technology has been made available in many European markets and in Canada.
Ampicillin was the first of a number of so-called broad spectrum penicillins subsequently introduced by Beecham. Ampicillin is part of the aminopenicillin family and is roughly equivalent to its successor, amoxicillin in terms of spectrum and level of activity.


Given that the proposed HbA1c diagnostic for screening are both insensitive and racially discrepant, what is the optimal way to screen for diabetes? Dr. Rhee recommended that doctors perform the standard 75 gram OGTT, or, at the very least, a fasting glucose level followed by the OGTT in individuals whose levels are abnormal (100 mg/dL and above).
A recent study has shown that lithium carbonate and sodium valproate, another drug traditionally used to treat the disorder, act in the brain by inhibiting PKCís activity and help to create other compounds that also inhibit the PKC. Lithium carbonate is of little use for someone suffering from depression.


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